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Pet Friendly Hotels/Chains

It is becoming easier to find pet friendly hotels and and pet friendly condos, as more and more lodging facilities are realizing that people like to travel with their dogs and other pets, and need pet friendly accomodations. MORE>>

Airlines that Allow Pets

When traveling by air with your dog, it pays to plan ahead and do your research for pet friendly airlines. Policies on traveling with pets varies depending on the airline. Most airlines will allow dogs to travel, either onboard with their own if the dog is small enough to fit in an underseat-size carrier, or as cargo. Typically there is a fee on domestic flights ranging from about $50-$200. MORE>>


Pet Auto Travel

You can find online everything from a seat belt for pet travel to special pet waterers to keep water from spilling. MORE >>

Outdoor and Travel Gear for Your Dog

Dog-Gone Pet Carrier From lifejackets for swimming and boating, pet tents and shelters, hiking boots and "shoes" to protect your dog's feet from the hot pavement or ice, to special dog cages for travel, you can find a wide assortment of dog travel and outdoor gear on the web. Get Dog Travel Supplies at Great Prices Up to 40% Off at PETCO.com


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Dog Friendly Travel

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