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Are you tired of your dog being disobedient? Does he or she bark every time someone walks by your house? Are you embarrassed and annoyed by your dog jumping on visitors? Or are you worried because your dog is exhibiting aggressive behavior? Is your puppy peeing on the carpet? You need to train your dog NOW.

Training your dog will make your life—and your dog's—much easier and less stressful. It could even save your dog's life: You dog MUST know when to come when called, at minimum, to avoid getting hit by a car, a possible fight with other dogs, etc.

If you want instant access to start training your dog right this minute, there are some terrific dog training e-books and audio courses that you can download. There are also some excellent obedience training books you can order. Below is a list of the best dog training videos and DVDs we have found to teach you how to stop bad dog behavior quickly:

Best Dog Training Videos and DVDs

PuppySmarts 5 in 1 Set (DVD) PuppySmarts Training Video - This is great for puppy owners because it covers major issues common to all puppies.

• Potty & Crate Training
• Obedience
• Chewing
• Jumping
• Biting

The PuppySmarts training videos are designed for today’s fast paced lifestyles and hectic schedules. The lessons are short, 4 to 10 minutes each, yet contain the information you need to be successful with your puppy.

Train Your Dog (DVD) - featuring Nichole Wilde and Laura Bourhenne

The Dog Whisperer (DVD) - Presented by Paul Owens

Also see our reviews of dog training e-books and audio courses and dog training books


Recommended Sites

Most of these dog obedience training books can be found at SitStay.com. They carry an excellent selection of dog training books and videos covering everything from house/potty training and obedience training to curbing aggressive behavior or bad habits.

You can also find some excellent puppy training DVDs like the PuppySmarts series at EntirelyPets.com.


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Dog Training Videos and DVDs
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