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Dog Toys: Enrichment Toys and Safe Toys for Your Pet

Like kids, dogs love toys. Dogs love all kinds of toys...Booda dog toys, dog Kong toys, stuffed toys and plain old rubber balls.

Having plenty of dog toys available for your pet is important. It keeps him or her busy and prevents your dog from getting bored or chewing your shoes or the furniture.

Dog Enrichment Toys

Yes, just like children, dogs need their minds stimulated. They like to be challenged and puzzle things out. They like interactive dog toys (in other words, they like you to play too). That's where dog enrichment toys come into play. These can consist of:

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  • Dog toys to soothe and calm your dog - such as the dog Kong toys that hold a treat or peanut butter as a reward.
  • Chew dog toys to improve dental health and satisfy your dog's need to chew, such as Booda rope dog toys or Kong dental toys.
  • Interacting dog toys to help you bond with your dog and encourage good behavior -- like toss and fetch style toys.
                                                 Have a Chewer?

Try the Tuffies Soft Toy line. They are great for aggressive chewers who loves plush toys but destroy them in 15 minutes flat. They are made with extremely durable construction and have roughness ratings. Ratings 5-7 are for smaller dogs or dogs with soft mouths, while 8-10 are extra tough for extra strong chewers.You can find them at SitStay.com

dog toy without stuffing

Here's another option for chewers: toys without stuffing! Finally, no more stuffing all over your floors - Drs Foster and Smith features dog toys like the Skineez Stuffing Free Dog Toys Style: Skunk that are stuffing free. The flattened shape feeds your dog's prey instinct and they have two squeakers.

Safe Dog Toys

When choosing dog toys, to avoid possible injury to your pet, be sure to select toys that are sturdy and well made. Dogs are often injured by swallowing sticks, small balls, pieces of tennis ball, or the squeekers from plush squeeky toys.

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Safe Dog Toys

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