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Dog Obedience Training Sites

We found some excellent dog training sites that offer e-books and audio books on obedience training and others that specialize in puppy potty training. The advantage is you can download these dog training books instantly to your computer so you get immediate access and start training your dog right away.

Most of these training guides focus on Clicker training, which is a fun, easy, cheap way to train your dog without using choke chains or a harsh voice. It focuses on obedience skill using a conditioned reinforcer (clicker) and positive reinforcement (a yummy treat).

Top Dog Obedience Training Sites

Below are our choices for the top dog obedience training sites. Our selections are based on the qualifications of the trainers, the user-friendliness and practicality of the dog training course, whether the training is easy to understand versus too technical, that the dog training uses non-threatening, non-punishing methods, how soon you should get results, and the cost.


Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer

Dog Training Secrets Revealed



Our top pick is "SitStayFetch: Dog Obedience Training - STOP Your Dog's Behavior Problems!" by Daniel Stevens, a professional dog trainer. This dog obedience training course is reasonably priced--much less than you'd pay for classes with a professional dog trainer. Plus it is user-friendly and practical. SitStayFetch is for training all dogs, from puppies on up to mature dogs. Stevens uses proven dog training methods that get you the quickest results. There are also lots of photos showing dogs in action (illustrating commands), which is a big plus.

Among the dog obedience training topics covered:

  • Dog house training and crate training techniques that get the fastest results
  • Dealing with a dominant dog
  • How to prevent dogs from fighting
  • Curbing aggressive behavior.
  • Eliminating separation anxiety
  • Techniques to stop your dog from jumping up on you or others
  • Controlling your dog's barking
  • Commands and tricks
  • Selecting a new puppy
  • Dog Whisperer techniques

Stevens advocates positive reinforcement and teaches your how to get you dog to understand what you are communicating to him.


  • Free weekly dog obedience training newsletter
  • Dog Grooming Made Easy
  • Tips on How to Security Train Your Dog
  • All the House Training Methods and Tips
  • Secrets to becoming the Alpha Dog
  • E-mail consultations available

Why buy this book? In addition to the above information, the e-book is easy to download, no shipping charges, and you can start using the dog obedience training techniques right away. There is a 90-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the book, and your online transaction is on a secure server. Go to the SitStayFetch website now.

Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer

Our #2 pick, Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer, is also a very good site. Author Adam Katz, a professional dog trainer, teaches you how to teach your dog to understand what you want and to give your dog properly timed corrections and motivational praise. Katz shows you how, by using the right techniques, to cut down your training time by 60% and still get the results you want. This e-book covered topics similar to SitStayFetch but it's slightly more expensive. The upside is he includes some great bonus material.


  • Audio MP3 program on: Eight Secrets To Becoming The "Alpha Dog!" (and) How To Build Dominance and Be Your Dog's Pack Leader
  • Where To Buy Pet Products at "Wholesale" and "Dirt Cheap" Prices
  • Dog Training Internet Resource file
  • FREE $25 e-mail consultation coupon
  • MP3 audio program on: Fixing Aggression Problems In Dogs
  • MP3 audio program on: How To Teach Any Dog To Walk On A Loose Leash In Less Than 10 Minutes
  • How To Choose A Veterinarian

Why buy this e-book? We especially like the fact that Adam Katz supports his customers with his website, which offers a discussion forum, free weekly tips and free articles about dog training. In addition to the above obedience training topics and array of bonuses, get a one-year 100% performance guarantee. The e-book download is fast and easy and your transaction is done on a secure server.

Dog Training Secrets Revealed

This training course, by Dean Rankin, differs from the others in that it is an audio format. Some people prefer to get their information by sitting back and listening rather than reading a book. The course is approx. 1 hour 45 minutes divided into 13 segments. While not quite as comprehensive as the e-books above, this course, as the others do, advocates training your dog "without hitting, yelling or punishing" him.

Subjects covered include:

  • Training your dog quickly by using his natural instinct to obey you
  • Using treats the right way
  • Getting get your dog to walk by your side on a leash
  • Best way to communicate with your dog
  • House training
  • Eliminate bad behaviors like barking, chewing, digging, nipping and jumping
  • Maintaining the training long-term, i.e., how to make your dog's training "stick"


  • The Insider's Guide To Dogs: How To Have A Happy And Healthy Dog
  • The Dog Health Handbook

Why buy this course? There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The audio format appeals to people who find it a chore to read through a dog training book and you get instant access to it over the Internet.

If you prefer to get your information from "regular" books, go to our dog training book page.


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