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Finding Puppy Names and Dog Names for Your Pet

Finding the right name for your new puppy is critical. You want to be happy with your puppy's name and you want it to be a name your puppy can grow into as he matures into an adult dog.

You'll want to find a name that suits your puppy's personality, breed, and even his purpose (is he a hunting dog or a family pet or a rescue dog, for instance). These all can influence your choice of name.

To help you find the right name for your puppy, click on the links below for popular and favorite names:

Girl Dog Names
Male Dog names

In our recommended sites below, you will also find resources for finding all kinds of puppy names.


Recommended Sites

Click on Dog Names to find great books at Amazon.com with comprehensive lists of popular puppy names and their roots and meaning. You'll have no trouble find a name for your puppy.

Here are some other great books for finding dog names:

1,000 Dog Names: From A to Z
1,000 Dog Names: From A to Z

Best Pet Name Book Ever
Best Pet Name Book Ever

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