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Dog Grooming Supplies for Your Well-Coiffed Canine

Monthly Promotion for AugustWhile dog grooming salons are great, sometimes you need to give your pup a bath before their next grooming appointment.

Dog Grooming Bath Faucet

A big help in grooming your dog at home is having the right dog grooming bath equipment. If you always bathe your dog at home versus using a groomer, a dog grooming bath faucet may be a smart purchase. This will make bathing your dog easier. These dog grooming faucets typically have a faucet, hose and sprayer to make it easy to get your dog wet and rinsed clean. There are some dog grooming bath faucets that come with their own tub and built-in leash holder for hands-free bathing. Now doesn't that sound better than wrestling Rover into the bathtub and leaving your bathroom a disaster area?

Dog Shampoos and Conditioners

John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo (16 oz) A good dog shampoo and conditioner is also key. Never use people shampoo on your dog. Dogs' skin is different than human's and people shampoos can be harsh and drying to dogs' skin. Use a good quality dog shampoo with moisturizers. There are special formulas for skin allergies, stopping itching, deodorizing shampoos, medicated shampoos for oily skin, and flea & tick shampoos. A conditioner will help with detangling and make your dog's coat shiny, soft and smooth. One of our favorite new product lines is the John Paul Pet, a selection of high end salon grooming products from Paul Mitchell for pets. Not only is it affordable but beneficial to the pet's coat and skin. We recommend John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo. and the John Paul Pet Instant Detangling Spray (8 oz)

Dog Brushes and Detanglers

Not to be forgotten are dog grooming supplies like a brush and detangler. There are different styles of brushes. There are pin brushes in varying sizes depending on your dog's coat, shedding slicker brushes to remove loose fur, bristle brushes and flea combs. A good mat remover will be your best weapon in detangling matted fur in long haired breeds like springer spaniels.

Nail Trimmers and Scissors

It IS possible to trim your dog's nails. The secret is to introduce the concept to your dog slowly. Start by simply placing the clippers near your dog's paw and offering a treat. Then next time touch your dog's paw with the clippers and offer a trip. The next step is to touch the clipper to your dog's nails and again offer a treat. Take each step slowly and repeat as needed. You may need to repeat for each paw. When your dog is ready, clip one nail and offer a treat. The treat will need to be especially yummy to your dog! Try clipping the nails on just one paw per day, or even one paw per week. This will lessen the trauma for your dog and make nail trimming more palatable.


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