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Cures for the Dog Shedding Blues

Dog shedding is part of dog ownership. While you can't exactly cure dog shedding, there are some steps you can take to minimize excessive dog shedding.

How to Control Shedding

Grooming is the key to controlling dog hair shedding. You know the hair is going to fall out. It is better to brush your dog's coat daily and remove the hair yourself than to have dog hair all over the floor, furniture and your clothes.

Some dogs shed seasonally, such as in the spring when they are shedding their winter coats, and may require twice daily brushings during those periods.

Recommendations for brushing frequency outside of peak shedding times:

Dogs with Smooth Coats - 1-2 times per week

Dogs with Silky Coats like Terriers - 3-4 times per week

Long Coats - daily brushing

Also, feed your dog a high quality food with Omega 3 fatty acids. This will help keep him healthy and keep his coat healthy. Vacuum frequently to keep your house dog hair free. Some dogs don't mind being vaccumed themselves!

If you allow your dog on the furniture, designate one chair or area he is allowed and put a furniture cover on it. Then you can simply toss the cover it in the washer rather than having to clean dog hair off all your furniture. Same for the car. Dog hair is extremely hard to get out of car upholstery and carpet. It just seems to stick. Car seat covers help a lot, and you can use a mat on top of the regular car mat to keep dog hair off the car floor.

Helpful Tools and Products to Control Shedding

Our favorite products to help control shedding include:
NEW!  FURminator DeShedding Tool (SMALL) 1.7" wide edge

  • FURminator DeShedding Tool, which is a special anti-shedding grooming device that dramatically reduces the amount of pet hair shedding. The FURminator treatment is a patent-pending tool designed to stop the shedding in the undercoat of your dog. It utilizes a unique blade that removes loose hair while leaving your dog with a healthy coat. It is proven to decrease shedding by 60-80% and reduce shedding for about four to six weeks.

  • Vitamin- and fatty acid-rich supplements such as Linatone and Lipaderm help reduce shedding, dull coat, and scratchy, dry skin.

  • Brushes - you may need more than one kind. Options include mat breakers, shedding blades and slicker brushes.

  • Grooming gloves can help you remove hair as you pet your dog.

Also, see our page with a list of dogs that are relatively non shedding.


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Cures for Dog Shedding

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