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Yorkshire Terrier

Summary of Characteristics:Yorkshire Terrier

Exercise: Low
Grooming: Low
Shedding: Low
Ease Training: Medium
Sociability with Strangers: Medium
Sociability with Children: Good with older kids


The Yorkshire Terrier is a toy breed. He is lively, smart, demanding of attention and loves to be involved with whatever you are doing. Some owners pamper this dog to the point that leads to behavioral problems. He is pretty active inside and can be noisy. He gets along fairly well with most strangers, but can be snappy around other dogs. This breed sometimes guards its food or toys. He is one of the top five breeds in AKC popularity.

Physical Features and Grooming

Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs standing 7-9 inches and weighing 3-7 pounds. They have long silky coats and need brushing almost daily to avoid matting. Coats are dark grey-blue with tan markings on the head, chest and legs. His ears prick up.

Health Issues

Yorkshire Terrier are prone to eye infections, teeth and gum disease and slipped stifle, a joint disorder. He may get cold, so this is a breed that you often see wearing a jacket or sweater on chilly days.

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Dog Breeds: Yorkshire Terrier
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