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German Shepherd Dog

Summary of Characteristics:German Shepherd Dog

Exercise: Medium
Grooming: Low
Shedding: High
Ease Training: Medium-High
Sociability with Strangers: Low
Sociability with Children: Good with kids


German ShepherdThe German Shepherd Dog is intelligent, confident, and responds well to obedience training. He is protective of family members and reserved around strangers. He may be aggressive around other dogs. Family members need to establish leadership over him early on or he may not respond to commands. In addition to being a great companion and home guard, he is a leading police and military guard dog. He is also used in search and rescue and as a guide dog for the blind.

Physical Features and Grooming

Male German Shepherd Dogs stand approx. 24-26 inches tall; females are 22-24 inches. They weigh 65-100 pounds. GSDs have coarse medium length coats and need brushing several times a week. They shed year-round. Their coats are either black and tan, golden tan with black-tipped hair or silver gray with black tipped hair. His ears prick up.

Health Issues

German Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia, bloat, eye and skin conditions and paralysis.

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Dog Breeds: German Shepherd Dog
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