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Common Signs of Arthritis in Dogs - Overview of Dog Arthritis Medications and Supplements

Unfortunately, arthritis in dogs is about as common as it is in people. It may range from mild to moderate or severe. If your dog is overweight, the extra pressure on joints can exacerbate the problem. And, as with humans, there may be joint cartilage damage.

Fortunately there are some dog arthritis medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, as well as nutritional supplements, that can help make your dog feel better. There are also some physical aids that can assist your arthritic pet in getting around.


Common Signs of Arthritis in Dogs

Your dog may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

difficulty in getting up
limping, especially after exercise
walking slower than normal or a change in gait
difficulty in jumping or climbing stairs, or a hard time squatting to do his business.

Dog Arthritis Medications

Rimadyl (Carprofen) by PFIZER  25 mg (60 Caplets) It is always best to see your vet to get a proper diagnosis. He or she may prescribe one or more of the following anti-inflammatory medications or pain relievers. You can get your dog's arthritis medication through discount pet medication web site, often at a much cheaper cost than through your vet's office. This may be especially helpful if your dog is on arthritis medication over an extended period of time.


Aspirin for Dog Arthritis

You can get special non-prescription canine aspirin for dogs with arthritis to help relieve their joint pain. Canine aspirin can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. You can generally find aspirin for dogs at discount pet medication web sites and other online pet supply merchants.

Glucosamine and Other Arthritis Supplements for DogsJoint MAX DS Double Strength (250 CHEWABLE TABLETS)

Some people have found success in reducing their dog's discomfort and improving their mobility by giving them supplements of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM. Fatty acid supplements can also be helpful in reducing inflammation. Popular products include Joint Max, Cosequin, Duralactin, and Pro-Motion. They have been shown to help lubricate the joints and improve joint health.


Lose Weight and Give Him Low Impact Exercise

Arthritis in dogs, as with people, can be exasperated by extra weight. If your dog is overweight, help him lose excess pounds by reducing calorie intake and giving him low impact exercise such as leash walks and swimming.

Physical Aids for Your Arthritic Dog

Deluxe Doggy Steps - As Seen on TV An elevated dog feeder can help your dog so he doesn't have to bend over to eat or drink.
Deluxe Doggy Steps or a ramp can help your dog get into the car or on the bed
A dog harness versus a collar is gentler on the neck and back
An orthopedic bed provides even support and reduces pressure on joints.


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NOTE: Please check with your Vet before giving your dog any medications.

Arthritis in Dogs -Arthritis Medication and Supplementd

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