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Traveling with Your Dog: Pet Friendly Airlines

When traveling by air with your dog, it pays to plan ahead and do your research. Policies on air travel with pets varies depending on the airline. Most airlines will allow dogs to travel, either onboard with their own if the dog is small enough to fit in an underseat-size carrier, or as cargo. Typically there is a fee on domestic flights ranging from about $50-$200.

Some airlines are more pet friendly than others and offer special incentives for passengers traveling with pets. On some airlines your pet even earns frequent flyer miles. For instance, Midwest Airlines gives a free pet air ticket for every three paid pet trips. United and Continental will let you transfer doggy frequent flyer miles to your own account.


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Some dog air travel tips:

  • Label your pet's carrier inside and out with his name and your complete contact info, both home info and destination info.
  • Have your dog micro-chipped for easy identification.
  • Don't feed your dog more than 3-4 hours before a scheduled flight and be sure he makes a pit-stop before boarding.
  • Provide your dog with adequate water for the flight. Water in a regular bowl will slosh out, unless you have a special spill-proof water holder designed for travel. Ice cubes are handy, or you can freeze a wet towel. As they melt your dog can lick them to get water.

If you have a small dog you plan to carry on the plane, check out the soft-sided SturdiBag Pet Carrier. These pet carriers are perfect for flying because the patented design allows the top to "flex" without collapsing, allowing the SturdiBag™ to conform to the under seat height of all airline seats. It's also feather-light yet extremely resilient.

SturdiBag Large Purple Pet Carrier

Airlines That Allow Pets

Below is a list of airlines that allow pets. Before booking your flight check their website for their pet travel policy.

Alaskan Airlines Delta Airlines Southwest Airlines
American Airlines Frontier Airlines United Airlines
British Airways Hawaiian Airlines US Airways
Continental Airlines Midwest Airlines  


Recommended Sites

We recommend Travelocity You can search for the best airfares on a variety of airlines through Travelocity to find and book the lowest available airfare. They are a great resource for finding low airfares. To make it even easier, below is Travelocity's search box to find low airfares.

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Pet Friendly Travel: Airlines

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